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video by Jakob Geßner and Rebecca Grzeszik

all music written and produced by Kannheiser/Spindler/Renner/Vogt

Mix by Willy Löster

Master by Ludwig Maier

Rebecca Trescher Tentet

All the work, such as organising and curating the concerts and filming, cutting and editing the videos of "musig im pflegidach" is voluntary work. We would like to thank you for donations. Please contact Live-Rough-Mix by Friedrich Betz ::: Assistent: Simon Huber Video directed by stephan diethelm for #musigimpflegidach. Filmed by Chris Gebhardt, Lino Hofstetter, Armando Chappuis, Elisa Scheidegger, Jeremy Erhard, Matthias Biehle Pics by Marin Valentin Wolf - MIP logo design by andre heller, „musig im pflegidach“ powered by murikultur präsentierte am Sonntag, 15. Januar 2023, 20.30 - im Pflegidach der Pflegi Muri

Yvonne Catterfeld - Lieber So, 2015


Directed by Kim Frank

Filmed by Kim Frank

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