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KANNHEISER - Rom, 2021

video by Christian Gampe 

all music written and produced by Kannheiser/Spindler/Renner/Vogt

Mix by Stephan Zeh

Master by Ludwig Maier

Ralph Heidel//Homo Ludens - The Flood, 2019

video by David Schlichter

all music written and produced by Ralph Heidel

Mix by Joh "Monojo" Weißgerber

Master by Bernhard Range

recorded in Munich with Manfred Mildenberger

Hanna Sikasa - Beautiful Jungle, 2018


Videographer :: Joel Heyd Cameras :: Joel Heyd, Daniel Müller, Lukas Lerche


Audio recorded by Manfred Mildenberger and mixed by Jürgen Losigkeit

Yvonne Catterfeld - Lieber So, 2015


Directed by Kim Frank

Filmed by Kim Frank

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